HSS SuperStruct Tubing

Hollow Structural Sections (HSS) is the process of manufacturing high-strength welded steel structural tubing that can be produced in square, rectangle and/or custom shapes. We have the unique capability of fabricating custom HSS squares and rectangles ranging from 12″ to 50″ outside diameter with wall thickness from .313 to 1″ in a variety of steel grades. These large tubes are available in lengths up to 60 feet with 1″ and 2″ corner radii. Full penetration welds with UT testing are available upon request.

We are able to offer Architects and Structural Engineers tremendous flexibility in design and construction of stadiums, buildings, sign supports and a variety of architectural structures.

The structural advantages of HSS SuperStruct over wide flange W shapes, I-Beams and other structural shapes include:

  • Extra Large Sizes
  • High Strength to Weight Ratio
  • Weight Savings (52% less weight)
  • Ease of Fabrication
  • Aesthetics
  • Paint Adherence


  • Architecture
  • Construction
    • Buildings
    • Bridges
    • Stadiums
    • Lighting



  • Tubing Mill


  • Variety of High Strength Steels
    • Shapes
      • Rectangle
      • Square
    • Sizes
      • 12″ – 50″ OD
      • 1/3″ – 1″ Wall Thickness
      • Up to 60′ in Length

Steel Tubing

  • HSS SuperStruct Tubing
  • HSS SuperStruct Tubing
  • HSS SuperStruct Tubing