Electromechanical and Value Added Assemblies

In engineering, electromechanics combines electrical and mechanical processes. Devices which carry out electrical operations by using moving parts are known as electromechanical. The technical definition is any device that uses electrical current and transforms it into an operation that performs some type of work.

The most common type of electromechanical device is the common relay. This device uses electrical current to energize an electromagnetic which then causes a switch to open or close depending on the design. Engineers use these simple devices to turn circuits on and off as needed. In some cases the relay is used to switch higher current circuit than the sensor operating the relay can carry. A perfect example of this type of electromechanical assembly in use would be one of today's automobiles. All of the cars made today have at least one if not two electric fans behind the radiator; these fans are turned on and off by a temperature sensor in the car's engine cooling system. The fans however draw far more current than the wires coming from the sensor can carry. To prevent overloaded wiring, the manufacturer routes the sensor to a relay which it activates and turns the fan on. The relay carries the heavier current load keeping everything working safely. Another common form of electromechanical assembly that is used in many pieces of expensive electronic equipment is the overload protection relay.

The most sophisticated level of Value Added Assembly involves a totally unique design which incorporates all of the mechanical and electromechanical features that are needed to meet the functional demands of the sub-assembly in the customer's end product. The resulting sub-assembly becomes a far more cost effective, higher performance component, thereby truly adding value to the customer's end product.

Electromechanical and Electronic Sensing components are used in almost every industry, from switches & sensors found in consumer electronics, to those used in medical applications to aerospace-grade components.

Examples of assemblies we offer:

Electromechanical & Value-Added Assemblies