Medical Disposable Circuits

Medical Disposable Circuits are manufactured by depositing various types of conductive inks onto flexible substrates such as polyester (PET), non-wovens, treaded papers and foils, and medical-grade tape or foam. They are capable of producing products such as electrodes, disposable and diagnostic sensors, drug delivery patches, and nerve stimulation therapeutic devices. Medical Disposable Sensors are widely used for non-invasive (Class II) diagnostic, monitoring and stimulation applications. They are constructed using Printed Electronics (PE), Surface Mount Technology (SMT) and Converting Operations (ie. Hydro Gels, Lamination, Die-Cut and Packaging).

Typical products include:

  • Glucose monitoring strips
  • Sleep apnea sensors
  • ECG/EKG electrodes
  • Oximetry and nerve conduction sensors
  • Iontophoresis and Transdermal patches


  • Medical
  • Mobile Health
  • Digital Health
  • Wireless Health




  • Silk Screen Printing
  • Pick and Place
    • Through Hole
    • Surface Mount
  • Various Assembly Tools


  • Kapton
  • FR4
  • PET
  • Conductive Inks
    • Silver
    • Carbon
  • Conductive Adhesives
  • Insulating Encapsulates
  • Electronic Components (ICs)

Quality Certifications

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 13485

Electromechanical & Value-Added Assemblies

  • Medical Disposable Circuits